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Kids Take on the Kitchen…and the Ice Cream Magic

ice-cream-magic-reviews-two-kids-coupon“Now that my kids are getting a little older, they love helping out in the kitchen” says Kim of Two Kids and a Coupon in her review of the Ice Cream Magic. “[S]ome of their favorite things to help with are making desserts and treats. Maybe it’s because they like being involved or just because they like the sweets….”

Kim decides to introduce Ice Cream Magic to her little kitchen helpers and she shares their experiences. The Ice Cream Magic “is a fun gadget that gives kids the ability to become involved in making their own dessert or treats” she reports. “Our 4 year old and 9 year old really liked it…!”

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Ice Cream Magic Guia de Instrucciones y Recetario

El Ice Cream Magic prepara helados cremosos al instante con solo agitar continuamente los ingredientes unos 3 minutos. Para una consistencia más fi rme, basta con agitar un minuto más. Los ingredientes se incorporan cuando el helado alcanza la consistencia que se prefiere. Cada porcion corresponde a 1 cucharada grande de helado aproximadamente.

Los instrucciones completa:  IceCreamMagic_guia de instrucciones_en_espanol


Ice Cream Magic en Espanol Foto


Ice Cream Magic Joins Weather Forecast

ice-cream-magic-review-kganThe Ice Cream Magic was recently reviewed by KGAN of Iowa for their “Will it Work?” segment and anchorwoman Joy Howe asked weatherman Justin Roberts for some help with the review.

Howe begins the segment by describing the different components of the Ice Cream Magic kit and how to use it properly as Roberts places their ice cream ingredients in their Ice Cream Magic cone. Roberts then decides to do his weather forecast while shaking the Ice Cream Magic cone for the necessary 3 minutes.

And what were their opinions on the Ice Cream Magic? “It’s pretty good” declares Howe as she takes the first spoonful. “It takes like ice cream….We give it the thumbs up.”

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The Ice Cream Magic and Birthday Party Fun!

ice-cream-magic-review-my-journal-of-reviews“Ice Cream Magic is the perfect thing to use as a birthday party theme for children” states Kerri Lesson of My Journal of Reviews in her review of the Ice Cream Magic.

“It is hard to come up with party ideas for kids that are unique and different” Kerri goes on to say. “Then you have to come up with games and crafts to keep the little ones busy, buy party favors, and make treats for everyone. With [the Ice Cream Magic] you will have all of that covered. The kids will love making their own ice cream, and it will keep them busy. The result is a delicious treat they will be proud of having made themselves. Send each child home with the cone shaped maker and spoon as a favor, and they can make their own treat anytime they want.”

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Some Ice Cream Magic Musings and Tips

ice-cream-magic-review-musings-bluebird-patchThe Ice Cream Magic is reviewed by Liza Cardona of Musings from a Bluebird Patch who not only offers her review of this personal homemade ice cream device, but also some tips that one could use with their Ice Cream Magic.

Liza suggests the following:

1. Make sure you leave the Ice Cream Maker (all components and not just the freezing bowl) in your fridge at least 24hr before using.
2. Use crushed ice instead of cubes.
3. Add any type of cookie. This will make the ice cream get thick and not watery.
4. Shake for one extra minute if you don’t like the consistency.
5. You can always refrigerate for 20 minutes to let the ice cream reach your desired consistency.

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Review Gal Recommends the Ice Cream Magic

ice-cream-magic-reviews- the-review-galThe Ice Cream Magic was recently reviewed by The Review Gal who discusses many merits of this homemade ice cream maker including:

• Quick. Ready in 3 minutes.
• Everybody can have a different flavor by adding the toppings and syrups of their choice.
• Easy to make low-fat and lactose free options.
• Recipe book included.
• Fun for kids and adults.

Review Gal concludes her review by saying the Ice Cream Magic “is a fantastic product.”

“I have recommended it to a lot of the other mothers in the neighborhood” she goes on to say. “It’s more than just an ice cream maker, it is a fun activity for the entire family. When the kids have birthday parties and slumber parties, I make sure the Ice Cream Magic Party Pack is ready to go.”

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Help a Sweet Tooth with the Ice Cream Magic

ice-cream-magic-seen-tv-canada“Store bought ice cream has been known to contain chemicals that are not good for health which may contain harmful ingredients and may not be fresh,” says Seen on TV Canada in their discussion on the Ice Cream Magic “but with Ice Cream Magic you can make a healthier ice cream in just minutes. It’s so simple to make since you just add ice, water, salt and your preferred flavor.”

The site goes on to highlight how Ice Cream Magic can help with those “sweet tooth” moments. “If you’re looking to make your kids a yummy treat they’ll love then you’ll want to buy Ice Cream Magic to give their sweet tooth a fix.”

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Kids Love Making Ice Cream at Home with the Ice Cream Magic!

ice-cream-magic-review-tv-stuff-reviews“Ice cream machines are very expensive and difficult to master” says a TV Stuff Reviews reviewer for the Ice Cream Magic. “But now you and your kids can make ice cream fast and easy right at the comfort of your own home!”

The reviewer goes on to highlight the many features, advantages and uses of the Ice Cream Magic and then concludes by saying: “Kids love making ice cream with the Ice Cream Magic. It is easy to use and yummy ice cream is ready in a matter of minutes with some vigorous shaking. Ice Cream Magic is a very entertaining and fun way to make ice cream right at home.”

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The Ice Cream Magic is Fun and Convenient!

Ice-Cream-Magic-review-does-product-really-workThe Ice Cream Magic is discussed by Does the Product Really Work who reveal how the Ice Cream Magic can be both fun and convenient.

They begin by reviewing the easy Ice Cream Magic process saying:
“first you put ice cubes into the container; then add salt to activate the deep freeze; next, pop in the bowl and pour in cream and your favorite flavor; finally, shake vigorously for 3 minutes.”

The article concludes by noting how the “Ice Cream Magic presents itself as a fun and convenient alternative to traditional home ice cream machines that are expensive and difficult to operate.”

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Atlanta, GA Gives the Ice Cream Magic a Try

Ice-Cream-Magic-review-11alive-wxiaWXIA 11 Alive, of Atlanta GA, recently reviewed the Ice Cream Magic for their “Try It Before You Buy It” segment and were pleased with the results.

11 Alive asked one mother, Kirsten, and her son, Jake to assist them with the review. After placing their favorite ingredients into Ice Cream Magic, Jake shakes away. While trying some of his ice cream Kirsten wonders whether the serving size would be big enough for his appetite. Jake responds “I want to try it again.” Kirsten gave the Ice Cream Magic one thumbs up and Jake gave it two resounding thumbs up!

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